HAVE are linked with some of the very best modern technologies to bring excellent control systems to all of your devices throughout your property. This enables you to have clutter free rooms by distributing all your devices to every room from a central location with full control of every device in every room, or chosen rooms.

If you invest in a TV subscription, media streaming services and expensive set top boxes, you shouldn’t be confined to watching these only in your living room. HDAnywhere’s multi-room HDTV systems free your entertainment devices and set top boxes from the living room, allowing them to be enjoyed in any room – from your man-cave to your spare bedrooms.

How we watch TV is changing. HDAnywhere recognise this and are dedicated to giving you the most fluid and flexible TV viewing experience possible, letting you move between rooms but still access all your favourite shows, movies and recordings on every TV in your home.

Get in touch today and we can let you know which multiroom HDTV system is best for your requirements. 

Watch a brief demonstration of HDAnywhere’s Matrix Control

Watch a short video of HDAnywhere in action.