HAVE are able to supply a large range of networking products to suit any installation. We can  supply and install a fully wired network using cat5/6 data cable, with clever wireless access points discretely placed within you home.
If a wired network is not suitable for your home we can create a Mesh Network system to enable your wireless network where you need it.

As more and more people are working from home, internet connection and download speeds are very important for the home office. An average router can supply a strong enough signal to supply broadband around a smaller type property, such as a three bedroomed house. However this is not always the case as the signal can be affected by many obstructions for example, the framework or structure of the property and the position of the router.

Perhaps you’d like your lounge hard-wired to make the best of your on-demand TV services.  Streaming full HD or even 4K TV to one or more televisions around the house can easily exceed your home’s wi-fi signal quality or bandwidth.

Adding a network socket to a bedroom with a wi-fi access point can give the whole storey of your house access to faster, more reliable broadband.

We can efficiently run network cabling from your router to weak signal areas in your property.  With network sockets in place, you can either plug directly into the network for the ultimate in speed, or even install a wireless access point at the new socket to add the convenience of wi-fi in places that had none before.