Protect your property with smart CCTV.
With a smart CCTV system supplied and installed by HAVE you will have piece of mind knowing that you are well protected. Enabling you to keep full control of your system anywhere in the world, on your tablet or phone.
We can provide you with all the back up support you need so you will not be left in the dark.

CCTV is now considered to be crucial in both crime prevention and detection. The application of a CCTV security system is now increasingly incorporated in home security, anti-theft surveillance and vandalism surveillance. With the help of a home CCTV system, you are now equipped with the ultimate burglar deterrent that is both visible and effective.

To create a safer environment for you, your family and your home, we strongly recommend a digital home CCTV system. If the unfortunate happens and an incident occurs, a CCTV system provides acceptable evidence in the prosecution by the police and in the support of insurance claims.

Regardless of your circumstances, HAVE can design, supply and install a CCTV security system to suit your requirements.

Below are some screenshots of the CCTV application running on a phone.