HAVE can supply and install a range of speakers throughout your home so that you can listen to your favourite music compilation, any radio station in any room individually or seamlessly together. You can even play and control it out in the garden, using our range of external waterproof audio speakers.

Sonos Multi-Room Music Systems let you play music in any room in your house, wirelessly and flawlessly. With a single touch, you can play the same song in every room, or different songs in different rooms. With a world of music to choose from, and a variety of devices to control your music, Sonos is a multi-room wireless music system for all budgets.

The Sonos system can be managed from a variety of devices which all work together seamlessly to give you total control of your music. Find and play your music in different rooms, adjust the volume in one room or all rooms, tune into your favourite radio station, or stream music from the Internet.

Contact us today to find about the benefits of integrating a wireless, multi-room music system from Sonos into your home or business.

For more than four decades, Polk have been defining real American Hi-Fi in our advanced research and development labs in Baltimore, Maryland.

From the bright minds who engineer and inspire their patented audio technologies, to the keen eyes of the designers who live for the look and feel of Polk products, both schools of thought drive a rich, detailed, room-filling sound—together, united and never apart.